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Jeta Xharra ne «Oslo Freedom Forum»(video)


Këto ditë në Oslo të Norvegjisë u mbajt Forumi i paqes (Oslo Freedom Forum) i cili është një nder forumet/konferencat më të mëdha për paqe në bote. Këtë vite për here të parë në një forum të tillë muarr pjesë dhe gazetarja e njohur kosovare Jeta Xharra e cila do shpalosi përjetimet e saja më titullin «On Air and Under Attack in Kosovo»
Kosovalbaner ka siguruar videon nga paraqitja e Jeta Xharres te cilen mund ta shikoni ne vazhdim

Teksti ne anglisht i paraqitjes se jeta Xharres

Jeta Xharra – On Air and Under Attack in Kosovo I


My story is from the Balkans, and it shows how those who fight for freedom of speech can also be the repressors of freedom of speech.

In Milosovich’s Yugoslavia, information was bent according to the desires of the political regime. I was a frustrated 19 year old when I first got into journalism, as a translator to the BBC. I thought I was unlucky: the West was showing images of the fall of the Berlin wall, while I was stuck in the East. Media was used to aid the killing, where propaganda was used to dehumanized those who would be killed.

Then, the Kosovo Liberation Army emerged, and we proudly called them freedom fighters. I thought covering this war was worth it, it was worth becoming a refugee, worth having my house burned down, worth being arrested by the Serbian government. And then these freedom fighters transformed into politicians, and disarmed peacefully.

I thought, things will only start getting boring now, in peacetime. Little did I know.

In post-war Kosovo, my job as a journalist was to hold these politicians accountable. I set up a media NGO which used Western style journalism to challenge inept governments: we called it Life in Kosovo. We were the first media team to go to every single town in Kosovo, where we held election debates, and had the future mayor declare his election promises publicly. We then went back a year later, to show him his promises.

This is where we ran into trouble. We challenged them all, regardless of their war credentials. And they started using intimidation tactics to threaten myself and my team, to the point where there was a campaign in a local tabloid. Life in Kosovo had shortened my life, and the editors asked for my lynching.

But this is not the story of a victim.

I learned three lessons:

1) Reporting in peacetime can be just as challenging as reporting in wartime. I wouldn’t exchange my wartime reporting experiences for anything, but I wish I’d saved some of that energy for the experience after. I saw how freedom fighters became corrupt elites, willing to do anything to defend their business interests. We got a representative democracy, but it is a corrupt representative democracy. Save the energy of the revolution for what may follow.

2) Freedom of speech is not cheap, literally. There may be financial implications for challenging these elites. You must build a strategy of financial independence. I knew all along, coming from a patriarchy, that I must be financially independent. I spent the first few years doing nothing but fundraising. I only got my show on air because it was free for the channel, and they put it on at 23:15 at night, when they knew no one was watching. I stood my ground for a year, and the ratings were so good after one year, it was the second most watched show after the evening news. My strategy was not to base this success around one journalist, but as an institution of watchdog journalism. And now we have an online portal in Albania and a print paper, and this financial independence allows us to report independently.

3) The international community can be a vital ally. I was becoming very cynical of the international community’s engagement in Kosovo. But when I was threatened, a local prosecuter admitted he was afraid to challenge me and my team: the international community turned my case into an international embarassment for the Prime Minister, and they had to withdraw the case against me.

My final thought: our struggle, as journalists, is a never-ending battle to ensure freedom of speech. We thought we had guaranteed our right when we won the war.

Me kerkesen e disa studentëve shqiptar në Oslo  për tu takuar me Jeta Xharren, ajo pranoi me knaqesi .Gjatë keti takimi ata  komunikuan për problemet qe i prokupojn studentet shqiptar ne Norvegji,por edhe e njoftuan Jeten me angazhimet e shqiptarëve ne pergjithësi ne Norvegji.

Studentet i habiti modestia e znj.Xharra ,një veti e rrallë e njerëzve publik nga Kosova dhe Shqipëria./kosovalbaner.com/



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